West Virginia State University Soccer Camps


The Coaches

The coaching staff at WVSU and the guest coaches leading the camp bring a huge amount of experience coaching soccer across all levels including collegiate, NWSL, USL and international.

Camp Philosophy

The WVSU Women’s Soccer Camp is committed to excellence. Our goal is to provide a balanced learning environment that is both challenging and fun.

Our camps have been developed specifically for the high school soccer player and the curriculum will be appropriate for all levels of player abilities.

The experienced camp staff will combine technical and tactical training with small and larger group tactics.

The practice and game phases will be integrated with a ‘player first’ mentality that will allow for a comfortable environment in which to thrive. This will also enable players to relax and develop within training methods that our staff excel in. We are confident when we say that EVERY participant in our camp, from players to staff, will have an incredible experience when attending our residential camp.

Teams will rotate between coaches for sessions. This is in order to allow for different coaching experiences as well to give the players the opportunity to be seen, evaluated and trained by different coaching staff.

Dedicated Goalkeeper training will also be provided from experienced goalkeeper training specialists. Players will get the opportunity to play in full game settings.

This is an exciting prospect for West Virginia State Women’s Soccer as we look to contribute to the growth of soccer in our community!

Goalkeeper Specific Training

Our residential camp will include goalkeeper specific training during camp. Goalkeepers will train as a small group in addition to the normal camper activities. Campers will be working directly with the WVSU GK Staff. Goalkeeping is a unique position, and we are excited to be able to offer the training that will help goalkeepers improve their game technically and tactically.